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London City

Our Clientele

Discover an elite clientele roster at The Company Black London, where luxury meets distinction.

From renowned artists and celebrities and influencers, our client list reflects our commitment to excellence and our ability to exceed the expectations of the most discerning individuals.


Olamide Baddo

Olamide 'Baddo' experienced the epitome of luxury and convenience with The Company Black London. From seamless land travel in chauffeur-driven vehicles to VIP airport services ensuring swift passage, every moment was meticulously curated for his comfort. Indulging in exquisite culinary delights tailored to his preferences and enjoying discreet yet vigilant security, Olamide's journey was not just about reaching his destination but about savoring every moment with unparalleled sophistication and ease.

Fireboy DML

Fireboy DML's journey with The Company Black London epitomized luxury and seamless travel. From chauffeur-driven land travel in elegant vehicles to effortless international journeys, every aspect was flawlessly orchestrated. Indulging in exquisite dining experiences curated to his taste and enjoying priority restaurant bookings, Fireboy experienced culinary excellence at its finest. With discreet yet vigilant security ensuring his safety throughout, Fireboy's experience was not just a journey but a symphony of sophistication and convenience at every turn.




Asake's performance at London's Proud Embankment was elevated to new heights with the meticulous security provided by The Company Black London. With expertly trained personnel ensuring a seamless and safe environment, Asake was able to focus on delivering an unforgettable performance without any concerns. The discreet yet vigilant presence of TCB London's security team added an extra layer of confidence, allowing Asake to shine on stage with peace of mind.

DJ EniMoney

DJ EniMoney's experience with The Company Black London epitomized luxury and professionalism from start to finish. With chauffeur-driven land travel in sleek vehicles, VIP airport services ensuring seamless transitions, and vigilant security every step of the way, DJ EniMoney's journey was characterized by unparalleled convenience and peace of mind. The discreet yet attentive security provided by TCB London's expert team allowed DJ EniMoney to focus on his craft, knowing that his safety and comfort were in capable hands.


We have served multiple clientele in different disciplines and walks to life and would love to have you onboard. We handle private events, tours, video shoots and many more. Please message us to see how we can bring your vision to life and lighten the load.

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